My method of axing a chicken.

Today I helped two friends, Gail and Trish, dispatch two problem chickens. One was a rooster who was too rough on the hens and one was a hen who developed a taste for fresh eggs. My method of killing is a little different from anything I’ve seen before but this works for me and I think it’s pretty quick and painless for the chicken.

What will be surprising about the diagram below is I used to draw pretty well. But I stopped drawing a long time ago and now I’m using a touchpad instead of a pencil.

Still, here’s how I hold the chicken. I kneel and hold its feet back and on the ground with my left hand. I keep the hatchet in reach of my right hand while I gently try to position its head across a small log just big enough to allow its neck and chin to lay across it. Once positioned they usually stay still long enough for the kill. When its head is in the right position, I quickly grab the hatchet and aim for the base of the head.

I know a lot of people perform rituals to thank the animal for giving its life and to ensure a safe passage for its soul. That’s a whole lot better than showing no regard for its life and feelings, but I think it’s best for the animal just to get it over with as quickly as possible.

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