Good, Low Cost Dental Hygienic Services for Hampton Roads

If you have any kids age 5-12 in need of a dental cleaning, please consider Old Dominion University’s School of Dental Hygene, and especially consider Sahar Asif, my hygienist and a student. Don’t let the word “student” scare you. ODU dental students have plenty of training in the art of dental assault and can claw at your teeth and gums with the ferocious zeal of any professional.

Sahar Asif at Work on a Patients Teeth

Seriously, Sahar is competent and kind, and if she handles rugrats with the same care with which she handles grumpy old men, the kid will be in very good hands.

Because it is a school, the services are extremely inexpensive. The fee for dental cleaning for a child aged 5-12 is $20.00.

You can get more information at, or send an email to (My email account, not theirs. I’ll only forward emails exclusively pertaining to dental appointments at ODU).

Updates: I made a couple of changes since the original post. I added the photo, changed the title (the original was stupid) and added contact information.

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