Obama’s “Doubled” Death Toll

While I was commenting on a Washington Post article, another commenter wrote something like “… doubled Bushes death toll in Afghanistan”. I wish I could get the exact quote but three thousand comments later, I can’t even find my own comment.

I had to look up that statistic and indeed it’s true, at least according to icasualties.org. This statistic is featured prominently on anti-war sites as well as right wing blogs such as The Blaze, where possibly retarded members of that blog’s readership theorize that the increase in casualties is due to Obama’s allegiance to Islamic forces.

But focusing on the death toll in Afghanistan misses the withdrawal from Iraq. These numbers are based on the tables in icasualties’s home page:

U.S. Death Tolls
Afghanistan Iraq Total
2001 12 0 12
2002 49 0 49
2003 48 486 534
2004 52 849 901
2005 99 846 945
2006 98 822 920
2007 117 904 1021
2008 155 314 469
2009 317 149 466
2010 499 60 559
2011 418 54 472
Total 2002-8 618 4221 4839
Total 2009-11 1234 263 1497
Monthly Avg 2002-8 88 603 691
Monthly Avg 2009-11 411 88 499

Since Obama took office, the U.S. casualty rate dropped significantly due to the withdrawal of troops from Iraq, even as the toll increased in Afghanistan as Obama stepped up operations there.

To ignore the Iraq withdrawal in an effort to suggest that twice as many Americans are dying under Obama’s leadership is miserably dishonest. To speculate that it’s because Obama is a Muslim is stupid.

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