More on that Recovery

Thanks for mpbulletin for sending me This link to a CNN report on the jobs recovery. It’s an important read but contains a misleading statement:

But only about half of those job losses — or 4.3 million — happened under his watch.

The statement is true enough, but it should come with an explanation that most of that “half” was lost while the economy was still in the same free-fall it was in at the end of the Bush years, and the jobs loss started to turn around when Obama’s plans had a chance to take effect.

It reminds me something Al Franken wrote in Lies and the Lying Liars who Tell Them, that it was Clinton’s military who won in Afghanistan even though Bush was president at the time. That’s because none of Bush’s military policies were in place by then. Similarly, a statement which suggests Obama’s responsible for the millions of jobs lost before his economic policies were in place is misleading.

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