Installing Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot)… All I had to do was check the friggen box!

Installing 11.10 from scratch (erasing the hard drive) on a Dell Inspiron e1505 with Broadcom wireless card … When you see the checkbox about installing third party software, go ahead and put a check in it. You won’t get a chance to install the Broadcom driver later.

Using software-center or the command line, everything I tried resulted in some kind of error. The “Additional Drivers” icon, which is a front end for jockey, showed the drivers that needed to be installed but failed at every attempt to install them. Jockey-text, from the command line, also failed.

It seems to be a problem reading the installation disk post-installation, even with the disk included in the sources list. And of course I had to use the disk because I couldn’t get on line. I haven’t figured it all out and probably won’t.

When I re-installed from scratch, with the 3rd party box checked, the appropriate Broadcom drivers where installed and the system is, so far, working fine.

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