Heck of a job, Brownie. A new level of Hypocrisy

In January 2009, the Right wing, still in shock over Obama’s election, was outraged by the new President working in the Oval Office without a proper jacket. “Disrespectful”, they said. Pat Buchanan said he’d never seen a president’s shirtsleeves in the Oval Office. But Kennedy, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Clinton and Bush, have all sat in the Oval Office without a jacket. In one of photo, Ronald Reagan wears a bright read shirt.

In April, 2009, Obama was criticized for the size of his entourage of over 500 people on a European tour. When Bush made a similar trip, he had an entourage of over 700.

In early 2010, Obama was caught with his feet on the desk. “Arrogant, Immature, and self-centered” they called him. But then, well, you guessed it.

Obama has been criticized for every vacation he’s ever taken, though he hasn’t taken that many compared to many of his predecessors.

But Micheal Brown just rose to a new level of hypocrisy in criticizing Obama. The man in charge of FEMA when President Bush was partying in California and eating cake in Arizona as thousands of Americans drowned in New Orleans, just criticized President Obama for being in Europe during the deadly rash of storms which included the devastating tornado that destroyed much of Joplin, Missouri. “It’s not like he’s at a G8 summit”, said Brown, “He’s visiting relatives.” Actually, it is “like” he’s at a G8 summit. Obama was in Europe for several official visits culminating with ( yep ) the G8 summit. And, he’s not there to visit relatives. During his hectic diplomatic tour, Obama only made a brief stop in the city of Moneygall, the home of his Irish ancestors. He stayed just long enough to crack a joke about the the “Moneygall O’bamas” and moved on.

Obama will visit Joplin, Missouri, on Sunday.

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