Abortion Legislation Poisons Emergency Spending Bill

Maybe I’m overstating this, so my FB friends and the few people who stumble upon my blog can correct me if I’m wrong, but Republicans adding anti-abortion legislation to an emergency spending bill that was intended to keep the military paid during a war is so insanely dishonest and sociopathic that it’s beyond any kind of “different points of view” or “we all want what’s right but just disagree” kind of discussion.

The point here is not that Republicans and Democrats disagree about abortion, it’s that Republicans could not have slipped that in and expected it to pass. They did not put it there to sneak it by. They put it there because they knew Democrats would oppose it, and they wanted to say “Democrats oppose bill to fund troops”. This represents an astounding waste of time in the last hours before a government shut down. We have no bill, no emergency spending for our troops overseas, and Republicans deliberately did this in order to blame the Democrats.

Is the American public too stupid to notice?

Here’s a quote from Fox:

The latest White House summit came hours after the House passed a stopgap budget bill that would fund the government for one week and the military for the rest of the year, though Senate Democrats oppose it and the president has vowed to veto it.

The Republican-authored package passed on a 247-181 vote, mostly with GOP support. The vote was a last-ditch attempt to avert a government shutdown as Congress nears the Friday deadline, and the chances of that happening didn’t seem to improve as of Thursday afternoon.

The abortion rider is not even mentioned in this article. NOT EVEN MENTIONED. Only “fund … the military for the rest of the year”, and “Democrats oppose it”.

I’m trying to “fair and balanced” but this morning, I just can’t do it. This is absolutely disgusting.

2 thoughts on “Abortion Legislation Poisons Emergency Spending Bill

  1. This is so fucking depressing; the part about people being stupid enough to buy it, especially so. Oh, Ben! There is no answer!

    1. Depressing but not hopeless. People who know the truth should shout it from rooftops. Or blog about it, which is easier.

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