Last Thoughts about the LeGrow Campian

As a friend at the gym said “It didn’t work out too well for LeGrow”. But we were always realistic. On the last Saturday before elections most people I spoke to still never heard the name “LeGrow”. Randy Forbes has corporate backing and the support of the Christian right in a district where it’s better to call yourself a Christian and wave the cross under everyone’s nose than to actually love the “least among us”.

But Dr. LeGrow got people talking. He generated a lot of letters to local newspapers and a lot of talk on line. People argued about religious tests for government office, about how close we are to the brink of environmental disaster, and about the real effects of the stimulus package.

Whether it’s a Liberal or a Conservative in office, it’s good to have challengers who encourage people to explore the issues. Maybe next time, the 4th district will have a debate, instead of a well heeled incumbent who shies away from challenges and carefully avoids actions which might shine a light on opposing points of view.

No matter which way you voted, if you took the time to learn about the issues by reading and listening to both sides, than you’re smarter than those who refused to stray from their partisan talking heads, voted without thought, or just stayed home and watched TV. Thanks to Wynne LeGrow, the fourth district had two points of view to choose from. Hopefully that trend will continue.

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