Counting Morons

Sasha once volunteered for the U.S. Census because it seemed like supporting the U.S. Constitutional requirement to count the population every ten years was a good thing to do. I never felt that she was in any danger, and she wasn’t, really. But the mood in the nation is getting ugly. The right wing has stirred their loonies into a frenzy and this year, census workers may find themselves facing armed idiots who think that the constitution doesn’t give the government the right to make any jingoistic nut with a gun do anything he doesn’t want to do. Of course, I wonder how much most of these constitutional advocates are out there protesting real abuses of power, like effectively exiling Americans, of non-European descent, without any due process, or arresting Americans who speak Spanish because they’re not carrying proper identification papers. But those folks aren’t real Americans. Making a good wholesome American step away from his TV set for a few minutes to answer a few questions? Doesn’t matter what the constitution says, that’s just unconstitutional. Unlike the 2nd amendment right to shoot any government worker who steps foot on private property.

If the census worker comes to your door, be nice. Chances are good that he or she has had a hard day.

2 thoughts on “Counting Morons

  1. Did Sasha volunteer this year? Has someone been hurt?
    Census workers came here twice but I filled out the form and sent it in and really didn’t want to go over it all again, and didn’t. But I was nice to them. It’s got to be a thankless kind of job.

  2. No, she didn’t this year, and I don’t know anyone who’s gotten hurt, just stories like those reported at Balloon Juice, the post and the comments.

    Re:But I was nice to them
    Exactly. You didn’t pull out crossbow. Obviously somebody screwed up, and that’s likely to happen in a large operation, government or otherwise, especially one which ramps up every ten years and hires a bunch of temporary workers.

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