Cute but Stupid


Originally uploaded by bnmng

Ducklings will drown in a container, even if you’ve ensured that they can get out of the container by waving your hands around and scaring them out. After you leave, they’ll hop back in and, without the wavy-handed boogie-man threatening them, will swim around until they get too tired to hop over the wall. To keep the adorable dumfucks from drowning, you have to make sure their exit path is as easy to cross as it is to walk out of a natural pond. This hardware cloth ramp seems to work. I know it will get rusty soon so I’ll replace it as needed or come up with something else, but there has to be something there.

Another note: don’t use poultry netting to enclose chicks or ducklings. The 1″ hexagonal holes are perfectly sized and shaped to let them get stuck halfway through. Use hardware cloth.

One thought on “Cute but Stupid

  1. This is the perfect place for all those broken bits of cinderblock you’ve been wondering what in the hell to do with. If nothing else, they’ll have an island at the edge. If you need rocks…call.

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