A variation of joomlart’s ja_purity template with resizable header and horizontal submenu

Update 2010 July 6: I’m still getting a few hits on this and I apologize to everyone who may have gotten headaches trying to make this work. This procedure provided a good solution for me at the time but there are much easier ways to achieve the dropdown menu, which can be found in the joomla documentation.

All below is from the original post.

I made a template which is basically a copy of ja_purity with a modified header and support for the submenu which I described in earlier posts. I’m still new at this so I’m sure there will be some problems and I want to hear about them so, please tell me.

Download bnmng_ja_purity_1_0.zip

In addition to standard ja_purity features:
Header images can be of a different size than the original images.
Entire header can be resized to match taller or shorter header images.
Mask can turned on or off on left and right side independently.
Logo text can be displayed with logo image.
Horizontal Submenu’s can be added by creating the menus. You don’t have to alter the index or css.

I removed some of the choices for the template width.
You should know the height and width of your header and logo images

To install, put the bnmng_ja_purity folder in your templates directory, than put the language files (not the folders that they are in) in the appropriate folder. The name of the folder that the zipped language files are in tells you where they should go.

To create horizontal submenus, create a new Joomla menu to represent each submenu. Using module manager, set the position of each horizontal submenu to “subhornav” and set the menu assignment for each to display when the appropriate menu item from the parent horizontal menu is selected. Remember that the horizontal submenus are actually individual menus.

The ja_purity template on which I based my version was made by joomlart.

4 thoughts on “A variation of joomlart’s ja_purity template with resizable header and horizontal submenu

  1. Tried to install this variant on Joomla! 1.5.20 Stable [ senu takaa ] 18-July-2010 18:00 GMT

    which failed with the following error :

    JInstaller::install: File ‘C:wampwwwtmpinstall_4c8feb7ebf9b0bnmng_ja_purityja_vars.php’ does not exist.

    In addition, should you be interested, I think it would make sense to add the possibility of placing a module in the header. Gives people the ability to publish slideshow article rotators etc.. in their header.

  2. did this work ?? Are you wasting our time, the index file is the same as joomla,

    infact the structure is all the same…

    how the hell can that work?
    did I miss something?

  3. Hi,
    I’m very interested in bnmng_ja_purity_1_0.
    When installed to Joomla this message appears, can you please fix this?
    ‘/…./tmp/install_4e90950a15335/bnmng_ja_purity/ja_vars.php’ does not exist.


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