** Canceled ** Dr. Legrow in Chesapake

** This event has been canceled **

From the Chesapeake Democratic Committee’s Facebook Page (posted by Jim Romeo)

Meet Dr. Wynne LeGrow, Democratic Candidate for US Representative from the 4th District of Virginia (Running against Republican Randy Forbes)


Memorial Weekend Pot Luck Picnic

Saturday May 29th at 2 pm

At Towne Bank Hall on Mt. Pleasant Road in Great Bridge
(Please Do Not call the bank.)

Bring your family and friends with you to celebrate this exciting news. Let’s show our
support to make it worthwhile for him to come to Chesapeake.

To bring the change we voted for, President Obama needs Congressmen that support his agenda. He can’t do it by himself. To help them win, we need to get all those new 2008 voters that voted for him back to the polls. We can do it, with your help.

Let’s show the GOP, the Party of No, and the Tea Party we will win in 2010! YES WE CAN

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