Amateur Novel Writing

Inspired by NaNoWriMo, but not following the rules, I’ve started a novel. I’m having two problems, which I imagine are a very common among amateurs. First, I think I’ve told half of my story in just a few pages, and second, I keep revising the pages I have rather than adding new content.

I have about ten pages written and feel I can complete the story with another ten. It’s hard to imagine beefing up this story to the length of a novel when the entire story could be told, complete with battle scenes and love affairs, with just ten thousand words.

As far as the words that I already have, not only do I keep making little changes, I also keep finding mistakes. I have a scene involving a squad of soldiers with advanced technology. They’re covered, head to toe, in battle armor. Their heads are covered by their helmets and they look at the world through high-tech visors. In this scene, the squad is walking through a hot, humid jungle, and I had this one sentence: “Rane wiped the sweat from his forehead with his sleeve.” I must have read the scene over and over twenty times before I realized how stupid that was.

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