This is not a reply

Oddly enough, if I include a link to someone else’s worpress blog post in my own wordpress blog post, for example This link to a post on Melina Thinks, my post will appear under the other post as a reply. I don’t like that feature. In my post about NaNoWriMo, on my main blog, it was an accident (in this post it’s intentional), and I’ll have to avoid this feature in the future.

2 thoughts on “This is not a reply

  1. On my WordPress dashboard, it shows up as a “pingback” rather than as a comment, but on the actual blog, in the actual post, it shows as a comment. There is no “pingback” section in the comment area. I think pingbacks are supposed to be like a list of other people who have linked to your post. These pingbacks showing up as comments may be a function of my particular WordPress theme (Misty, by Sandish) and not general to all WordPress blogs. I say this because other WordPress blogs I have, with different themes, have different features. I don’t know enough about CSS to know if this makes any sense. Do your links show up as comments in every WordPress blog, or just mine? If you like, in the future, if you link to me I can not approve the pingback, and it won’t show up as a comment. :-) I’ll pretend I am with WordPress tech support.

    1. So that’s what a pingback is. I’m still ignorant about blog features.

      I’d hate to have you disapprove my pingbacks. I just have to be careful using them. I don’t like the feature because in the case of the NaNo post, my post wasn’t relevant as a reply to yours, and it looks like I was spamming you with my own content.

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