Should be Show-Stoppers

I would like someone to explain to me why Glenn Beck’s astounding reversal of opinion on the health care system isn’t a show-stopper. Why hasn’t he been laughed off the air? And what about O’Reilly for claiming that life expectancy is lower in the United States than in Canada because our higher population provides more opportunities to die? We all make gaffs, of course, and I’ve made some doozy’s in my life. But rarely have they gone unpunished. The fact that these two idiots can stay on air after all the just plain wrong things that they’ve said breaks my heart. The good news is advertisers are starting to notice, and a slowly growing movement may help remove at least the most obvious liars and idiots from the airwaves. I came across this link, which is a petition site asking Walmart to drop advertising on Glenn Beck’s show. I’m sure there are more. These shows survive because corporations believe that running ads while people are watching them will bring them new customers. By convincing them that they’re wrong we can shut up these dopes.

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