I let people tell me how to think.

I’m proud to say that among the responses to one of Congressman Forbes’s blog posts against health care reform, mine was the only one that rated a personal attack from another commenter. That person disagreed with my interpretation that the government option on health care would not kill the health insurance industry, and he accused me of either being a pawn of the Obama administration or not having read the bill. Of course, that was before the CBO came out with a statement saying that the government option would not kill the health insurance industry. Still, I only read parts of the bill, and I’ve read a lot of of other people’s interpretations.

I admit it. Despite what I have read directly from the bill, If a nobel prize winning economist was against the bill, I might change my mind. Perhaps if the AMA and the ANA, not always in agreement, were not aligned in support of this bill, along with several other medical professional organizations, I would reconsider my position. But instead, all of these highly respected economists and medical professionals support the bill, and I defer to their opinion.

Meanwhile, if the opponents of reform didn’t keep refusing to acknowledge that the primary source of their statistics, the Lewin Group, is wholly owned by an insurance company, I might give them more credit.

Both leftys and rightys lob insults accusing each other of ignorance because they didn’t study a bill or read a report. And I agree, you should study what you can, but you often need the guidance of someone you trust.

So yes, I let people tell me what to think. In fact, that’s what I pay them for. I often pay a mechanic to tell me what’s wrong with my car. I do what I can on my own. I troubleshoot, listen to the engine, and develop some ideas. That helps me understand what the mechanic tells me and sometimes allows me to decide if the mechanic knows what he’s talking about. But if I have no reason to mistrust the mechanic, then I’ll defer to his diagnosis. Sometimes you just have to trust the experts. It only makes sense.

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