Ducks love storms, but not when they’re young.

I found nine almost-dead ducklings after last night’s storm, and was able to revive four with a heat lamp. Their fuzzy feathers don’t resist water like the oily, stiff feathers that they’ll get when they grow up. They could have survived under the wings of an adult but my ducks are lousy parents and often loose track of their young. It could be because they’re descendants of farm-raised birds; it could be because the parenting instinct is short-circuited by the little-ones scattering from me while the adults follow me around looking for food; or it could be that ducks are naturally lousy parents and survive by producing enough offspring to cover the losses.

From a financial point of view, I put little effort into them and get little return, so it works out. But I feel bad about the losses and am thinking about how much effort I should put into preventing them.

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