We put our dog Freckles down yesterday. We hired Dr. Wood of We took her outside and had a little picnic, and fed her pork rinds until the doctor came. First he dosed her with something that put her mostly to sleep, then with the poison that killed her. It was $300. If you decide to put down your pet, I recommend this over a drive to the vet.


One thought on “Freckles

  1. It seems much nicer for the animal to be able to go to sleep at home, quietly and slip off into the ether than to drag them, in pain, into a sterile, scary office to … you know … kill them. That sort of makes it obvious why dogs are so afraid of the vet’s office, doesn’t it?
    I’ve made these decisions before and it’s much easier for me, the one who gets to live, when my dog doesn’t seem frightened as it goes.
    Sorry about Freckles.

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