Missed Most of Randy Forbes’s Health Care Teleconference

My wife signed up for a teleconference with Randy Forbes about health care reform. When it was time for the teleconference to start, we waited for the call. And waited. I went on line trying to find out what was going on. Congressman Forbes’s website wouldn’t load but I found his Twitter page, and his last tweet, which was was sent before the start time, said he was getting ready to start. I actually joined Twitter just then so I can see if other people were having issues, and I found one tweet from someone who was also waiting for the call.

By the time the call came there was about thirty minutes left. We were on the phone line long enough to hear four questions, two of them from yakkers who were more interested in telling stories than asking anything. The last question was asked by a retired woman who said, in a sweet Southern accent, ( and I’m paraphrasing here ), “My health care is fine so fuck everyone else. I’m just worried about all them foreigners coming in with their dirty children spreading diseases around”.

We didn’t get to ask our questions during the conference but when it ended we were able to leave a message. Of course, we can call the governor’s office and leave a message any time, so I don’t know if the message that we left at the end of this conference will carry any more weight.

Sasha’s question was: “How will you address the rising costs of health care which will eventually force people to give it up?” and mine was “With so many services, like education, that are offered by business but also have a government provided option, why do you think health care is the one industry that will be destroyed, or taken over, by a government option?”.

I don’t know how the congressman will address our questions or those of others who didn’t get to ask. If I find anything I’ll update.


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