I fought the bog. I won.

Our septic tank was clogged, and I decided to deal with it myself (think about that next time we shake hands), instead of paying for someone to come out on his own schedule and charge me for something that I might be able to do immediately. I spent, probably about an hour staring into an opaque bog of nastiness, poking around with an old wooden tool handle hoping to break something free before resigning to the fact that there just isn’t going to be any nice way to do this.

I’ll spare details (because they’re disgusting) and jump to the point. The point is, I fixed it. With the help of mighty Google and the grace of wonderful people spreading knowledge without expectation of reward (or at least without serious expectation of any great reward), I was able to tackle something that I never dealt with before.

I lied in the previous paragraph. “I fixed it” wasn’t really the point. There have been times when I tried to do something myself, ended up making things worse, and had to deal with the expense and the embarrassment of dealing with a professional who shook his head and said “Should have called me first”. But if I add up the cost of my failures with the savings of my successes, I win. The biggest regrets in my life are the things I was afraid to try. I’m happy to be getting a little bolder now. That’s the point. That and my appreciation for the good people out there.

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