In Support of the Health Care Plan

Jim DeMint shined a light on an ugly side of the health care debate; that a big part of the battle is not about what’s good for Americans, but rather about what’s good for Democrats or Republicans. I don’t believe that President Obama entered this fray and opened himself up to a wave of attacks without believing that this is good for America. And while some of his opponents must honestly believe that this is a bad plan, we have seen that much of the opposition is fighting this because they see it as his “Waterloo”.

One common argument against President Obama’s health care reform plan is that it will eliminate your current health care plan. Obama denies this. Who’s lying? As Bobby Jindal eloquently explains, the government will offer an option that is so good, many people will leave their current plan in favor of the government’s. This will force private insurers to improve their plans in order to compete. For that reason, Obama is lying when he says government won’t take away your current plan. I appreciate Governor Jindal’s efforts to clear that up, but his writing doesn’t persuade me to his point of view.

Another accusation is the common “Government does everything wrong” argument. To that argument I offer these:
->I previously posted about my long and frustrating hours dealing with Verizon, and I’ll soon write about the $70 internet charge on my wife’s cell phone, when she only used it once for less than a half hour.
->My daughter’s hard disk just failed after she had it for about a month.
->The private company that my electric provider hires for cutting trees around electric lines just knocked down a young tree that we liked, outside of their easement.
->It takes about a half hour to go through the express line at Walmart even when there are only four people in front of you.
->In 2005, Private weather forecasting companies like Accuweather, tried to block NOAA from becoming too good at reporting the weather, for fear of competition.
->I believe, from personal experience, that the most dedicated and hardworking people work for the government, both military members and civilians.
.. and about medical care..
->We’ve often had to wait months to see a doctor. This is true for a lot of people, even those who say “If we have ‘socialized medicine’, we’ll have to wait months to see a doctor!”.
->Dealing with billing from private health insurers is no less a hassle than dealing with the government.
->I’ve been lucky enough to have a government provided health care plan for the past 26 years, and it hasn’t been perfect, but I’ve been happy with it.
It’s not that I believe that we should turn everything over to the government, I’m just saying that “Government sucks at everything” is a false argument.

But the mostly I admit that there are huge details hidden in pages of text, and I can’t decipher it all, so I have to look at who’s supporting or opposing this plan and why. And I see a lot people supporting this plan because they believe it’s good for the American people and I see a lot of people opposing it for ideology and political gain.

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