Mark Killed a Sheep and I got to Help

Yesterday morning I helped Mark slaughter and butcher a sheep. Helping Mark is more about learning than contributing. I think it’s like the old joke, “I can have it done in an hour; with your help maybe two”. Larry also helped, so it took the three of us almost two hours and I think Mark could have done it himself in about 45 minutes.

I was most impressed with the kill. My goats generally die by a 22 to the back of the head, without them even knowing it’s coming. Hell, if you have to do me than do it that way. In fact, put some food in front of me to make me happy when you do it. Let my last thought be something like “Oooh! Bagels!”, then do it. But I digress. Mark held the sheep down than slit it’s throat. The sheep kicked it’s legs a bit but it was doing that before the cut. It didn’t fight furiously at any point, and after the cut it calmed down quickly and seemed to be dead within a few seconds.

I prefer my method but I see value in the ability to take an animal down using the simplest of tools, like a knife, and do so with such skill that you cause a minimum amount of suffering. I don’t trust myself not to make a mess of it, and end up having to chase a bleeding, screaming animal around with a knife. So for now, I’ll keep doing it my way. Hopefully there will still be some bullets available after all the conspiracy kooks run out of shelf space.

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  1. whereigoreviews

     /  2009 July 20th

    There is probably no way to kill an animal that is actually humane. In the end, the animal dies and there’s just no way to make that nice. We all just do the best we can and at least we are trying to keep things as low key as possible. That’s all we can do NMN, you, Mark, any of us.

    • bnmng

       /  2009 July 23rd

      But I don’t think we humans give ourselves enough credit. The sum of that animal’s life was probably better than most who live “free”, scrounging for food and eventually dying of predation, starvation, or disease. We can feel good about that.


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