Missing New York

Note: I don’t want this blog to filled with personal ramblings, but I reserve the right to ramble every now and then.

The other day we watched an episode of Criminal Minds that took place in New York, and the old New Yorker in me started feeling very homesick. It’s hard to explain why I miss New York. Although it’s not all hard: The night life; the variety; the multi-cultural environment; and the real bagels, for example, are all things that I miss but are easy to explain. What’s hard to explain is that I miss the dirt. I miss the graffiti. I miss the “do not disturb” New Yorker faces. And I miss the noise. We have plenty of noise here in Suffolk (that’s a whole blog post in itself) but I miss the murmur of TV sets vibrating through concrete and steel, and the sounds of distant music from different radios clashing with each other. And sirens, and car alarms, and standing shoulder to shoulder with people I don’t know or particularly like. I miss things that I should be glad to be rid of.

But I don’t miss them enough to leave my land or my animals. And I love the people I’ve met since coming here. If I could live both lives, I would. This is the better choice for my family and me. I thank Sasha for leading me here.

Benjamin (no middle name) Goldberg


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