First Day Out

These little guys, slow Cornish and brown leghorns, are a little more than three weeks old. Leghorns basically come in white, brown, and buff. The most famous leghorn was, of course, Foghorn. I believe he was of of mixed heritage, since his brown head and white body were an unusual combination . The Cornish are for meat and the leghorns, hopefully, will give us some eggs.

We got these guys from Privett Hatchery (That’s right guys, mail order chicks). Sasha decided it was time to let them out for a bit. They stayed close to the movable coop, but ran around and flew in short bursts. This is why we do this. I’m not against eating animals. I’m against denying them the right to run around.

First day out.

Tina writes about getting grass-fed beef from a local farm where cattle are allowed to graze freely. By “local” I mean, the NC/VA border on the West side of the Great Dismal Swamp. I note this for the benefit of the hundreds of national and international visitors who I’m sure are just about to discover my wonderful blogs.

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