Killer Pig

Today, while feeding Porky and Bess, our American Guenna Hogs, I noticed a dead duckling out where the pigs were. A bunch of ducklings have been hanging out with the pigs because they like the big mud puddle. I didn’t think much about the dead duckling; it happens.

The ducklings peck around the pigs’ food when I feed them, risking being stepped on by one of eight feet bearing about 100 pounds each. But they usually survive. This time, Porky attacked one of the ducklings, and with surprising aggression, killed it, and ate it. He went on to attack another. You’d think the ducklings would be running now, in horror and panic, but they didn’t notice. Ducklings aren’t bright. I tried to grab a few and toss them away, but they kept running back.

I don’t know how many ducklings we lost to Porky.

I don’t know if this was a rampage brought about by feeding time excitement or something that happens throughout the day, but I built a feeding trough to keep the pig food above where the ducklings can get at it. That might discourage the ducklings from hanging around at feeding time. I’ll provide more info soon.

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