Benjamin’s Real Man Poetry Blog.

A friend recently posted:

“Reader beware! I will sometimes be publishing a poem, fairy story or short story on this blog.”

And, partially in admiration of her courage, more so out of some unhealthy need for attention, but mostly, to not be outdone by a girl, I have decided to release something that I have been holding in for quite some time now: My poetry, via Benjamin’s Real-Man Poetry Blog! premiering with “The Date”. Real Men and hombrefiles are welcome to participate.

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  1. whereigoreviews

     /  2009 June 27th


  2. whereigoreviews

     /  2009 June 28th

    Are you SHORE? hehe.
    Do you take submission from other men? I think I must make my son write something and poetry could be just the thing. It’s short and punctuation, grammar, et al can be irrelevant.

  3. whereigoreviews

     /  2009 June 28th

    add an ‘s’ to submission please

    • bnmng

       /  2009 June 28th

      Yes.. Real men And hombrefiles, so you’re welcome also. I’ll put them under the “Your Poems” page unless I get a bunch from the same author, in which case I’ll make a new page for that author.


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