Star Trek revisited

Since at least one person who’s opinion I respect “LOVED the new Star Trek movie! LOVED IT,” I decided to re-examine my hasty two-line review and retract my assertion that there were only two things about the movie worth noting.

Star Trek is a good old-fashioned adventure, updated with modern special effects. Star Trek was built around the idea that devotion to duty and self-sacrifice are admiral goals, at a time when so many movies these days confuse personal success with heroism. For that, the makers of Star Trek should be praised.

And the portrayal of well known characters in their earlier lives was well done.

But the heroics were over the top. I don’t mind watching a superhero movie, but if I’m watching a show about human heroes, I want some human limits on what they can do. “You! – I need you jump hundreds of feet to a tiny wobbly platform and kill everyone who might be there. I don’t know what’s down there, but I know you can do it because you’re a Star-fleet officer and you can do anything! Now GO!.”

By contrast, everyone else in the universe, unless a villain, is a stupid cow, milling about and waiting to be saved. Men in Black had the same theme, but in MIB, it was a joke.

Still, “Sucked” may have been a little too harsh. I personally didn’t like it. Except the miniskirt.

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