Good Cops

I meant to write a letter to local newspapers about an incident involving my son, who is black, and two white Suffolk police officers. Now, so much time has passed, that a letter would seem inappropriate, but since I have this blog, I’ll write it here.

A few years ago, my son, a young legal adult at the time, was acting like a dumb-ass, as young legal adults occasionally do. I’ll save him some embarrassment by not detailing his actions, but he was not driving drunk, or vandalizing, or in any way harming or endangering anyone but himself.

The two young men (very young looking… but maybe I’m just getting old) acted with outstanding kindness and professionalism. They determined that my son needed to be removed, but instead of taking him in, they gave him a chance to call me. When I arrived, they were respectful ( I was the only one there in a really bad mood ). They said that my son seemed like a decent person who was having a bad night, and they let me take him home.

My daughter once told me of an incident where the police responded to a shoplifter in her store. It turned out the guy was mentally disabled. She said they handled that situation very well. My friends and I have had very few dealings with the police. In most cases, the Suffolk police have been professional and courteous.

There are bad cops out there, and I strongly support the media for reporting cases of possible misconduct. They should do so vigorously. But since we usually only hear the stories about police across the nation doing terrible things with little or no consequence, I thought it would be good to point out that mostly there are good cops on the beat doing their best to keep us safe and follow the rules. We should give praise where it’s due.


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