First post-retirement post.

After my “someone reads my blog” post, I suppose I have an obligation to write something.

I retired after 26 years in the Coast Guard. My daughter left for Europe. My truck left me stranded on the way to a friend’s house, where their animals where waiting for me to feed them because the friends were on vacation. Another friend rescued me and lent me his truck for a couple of days. So I don’t know why I’m having so much trouble thinking about something to write.

I think I have a job lined up but the details of that job have changed significantly a couple of times now so I’ll have to see what comes through. It will be a part time job scheduling installations for Trindco Premium Countertops. At first I thought, after a career of public service, that I just can’t get passionate about countertops. Then I visited the shop. I know some of the people who work there, and they’re good people. Trindco uses a combination of computer technology and hands-on craftsmanship to create and install a high quality product. The profits support the lively-hood of a couple dozen people in my home town, just six miles from my house. I think I can get into that. I hope this job works out.

But, if it’s a part time job then I need more, and that’s where the farm comes in. I have to learn to take better care of my animals, because I’ve been loosing poultry to predators, and I have to learn to turn a profit. That means, first, I have to make some investments in my equipment and second, I have to learn the appropriate laws in Virginia. And I’ve barely begun.

And I still haven’t finished my house. I have some work ahead of me.

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  1. Polyface has a blog, you can google it. Also, you should join the group. Sasha’s on it but if you’re like Mark and I at all, you don’t share all the shit you have collected in your brain. Both are good resources for VA law. We have 3 tractors you can borrow if you want to give them a try. (as in chicken tractors, not John Deeres). I haven’t yet read about why you donated your eggs, but I am very curious about that….

    • bnmng

       /  2009 May 20th

      Thank you. I just joined, and I also joined chevontalk. Now I must actually read them. You’re right about the brain thing. Sometimes I think Sasha and I communicate better through email than through actual conversation.

      I was scratching my head thinking, “I barely get enough eggs for myself”, when I noticed the “possibly related posts” section. That’s not me, that’s WordPress. I don’t know what algorithm they used to connect Trindco Countertops and farming with an anonymous infertile couple.


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