Sasha spends about half the time talking about knitting. I don’t mean half her talking time, I mean half of real time. She also spends about half her time knitting; but there’s overlap. She often knits while doing something else and often talks about knitting while doing something else. And of course, she spends a significant amount of time talking about knitting while knitting. Much of the remaining time is spent nagging. But it all pays off because she managed to knit this very impressive scarf for her niece’s graduation.

Blue Tiger-Eye Pattern Scarf

Blue Tiger-Eye Pattern Scarf

More Pictures

By “pays off” I mean figuratively. To make it really pay off, come to the Knitting Knook inside the Red Thread Studio, in Suffolk, Virginia. Sasha, like Starbucks, opened her store inside another. The Red Thread sells fine hand made arts and Sasha sells knitting supplies in the corner.

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  1. whereigoreviews

     /  2009 May 14th

    That thing is freaking awesome!
    I didn’t know you had a blog. You’ve been found out ;-) Heh.


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