I posted a longer version of this in my personal blog.

The goats are usually quiet at night but occasionally they make some noise hoping we’ll give them a snack. Last night, one was making some noise. I threw some hay in before I went to bed.

The next morning, the goat was still making noise, so I went out to look. She was pregnant. She had been in labor all night. There was little hoof poking out but she was not able to push any more. I tried to help her, which means reaching in and pulling. It wasn’t working. I woke my wife up. My wife came out to help me but she was having no luck.  The poor goat was in more pain due to our efforts.  I started preparing the truck for her.  It was cold and I didn’t want to dump her in the back of the truck so I put a tarp over the back street.  But my wife had a different idea. It was time to put her down. The kid was dead, or at least felt cold. We shouldn’t spend $200 or so to take a goat, dying and in pain, to a vet who probably won’t be able to help. And we don’t want a goat who has trouble delivering. You have to make tough decisions sometimes. So I ended her suffering with three 22’s. I’m pretty sure the first one was enough but I generally use three to be sure.

I hung her and drained her. But I didn’t start the skinning and dressing because I just happenned to have an urgent plumbing problem to work on.  A pipe burst overnight and it was leaking everywhere.  My emergencies often come in groups.  It was cold enough to leave her hanging for a while. I went to Lowes to get the parts I needed. I came back and I started working on the plumbing.

When I finished the plumbing I skinned and gutted the goat.  Waste not want not.  There were two kids inside her, and I discarded them like offal.  We feed our dogs raw meat, and since I left her hanging for so long she’ll be dog food.

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