Sasha worked hard for this

I know that Sasha is just one of thousands who worked really hard for this election, but I wanted to highlight some of what she did, because I think that while her friends and family knew she was working for the campaign, I don’t think people know just how hard she worked.

Sasha was one of the first volunteers in the Suffolk, Virginia office of the Obama campaign.  In fact, she signed up in Norfolk before there was a Suffolk office, helped set up the Suffolk office.  She even purchased office supplies.

Sasha walked for hours and knocked on hundreds of doors.  She made hundreds of calls.   She worked on the line at the Harbor Park rally on a long, cold night.  She worked in the rain on election day.  She even prepared meals for the campaign staff; and not just by opening cans and boxes; but by chopping, soaking, mixing, and cooking wholesome ingredients.  She got up at two-o’clock on election day so she can make home-made breakfast burritos for everyone in the office.  She got Rebekah and me involved, and we both did a lot more for this campaign then we otherwise would have.

This wasn’t just about beating the other side.  This was about believing that government should be compassionate and intelligent; and that doing the right thing trumps ideology.

Thanks to Sasha’s hard work, Barack Obama and John Warner won in Suffolk, Virginia.

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