The Sex-Ed lie

I know the sex-education lie is old news, but It’s not dead yet and it should be. John McCain is lying, by innuendo at the very least, by suggesting that Barack Obama wants to teach kindergarten children about sexual intercourse. He hasn’t taken back his accusation and several conservative pundits, hereafter referred to as liars, still back that lie up.

If Barack Obama and a bunch of liberal pundits said that John McCain wanted to legalize rape and carjacking, and to prove the accusation they pulled some actual text out of a bill that McCain supported, you would think, despite the text, that you were being misled and that there had to be a reasonable explanation. You would call these people “liars”. Apparently, lies against liberals are not put through the same vetting process.

Liars point to the following text as proof of their despicable assertions:

Each class or course in comprehensive sex education offered in any of grades K through 12 shall include instruction on the prevention of sexually transmitted infections, including the prevention, transmission and spread of HIV.

In other words, if you teach sex education, to any student in any grade, then you must include information on STD’s, etc…

The purpose of the bill was to set parameters on sex education that was already being taught. There is nothing in this bill that says who should receive sex education.

Now you may ask: “Why say K through 12 if you don’t really expect to teach sex ed in Kindergarten?”, The answer is two-fold. First, it covers all the bases. It used to say “6 through 12” but was changed because sex education was being taught before the sixth grade. Second, there actually is appropriate information that you can, and should, pass on to very young children so they can be aware of sexual predators and know that if anything bad happens to them, they should seek help.

Unimaginative reader-contributers to liar’s blogs often ask, in all caps, followed by several question marks and exclamation points, “What could possibly constitute age appropriate sex education for kindergarteners?”

“Just like touching sometimes passes along germs, inappropriate touching can pass along really bad germs that can make you very very sick. So be sure not to let anyone touch you in a bad way, but if it does happen, make sure you talk to an adult about it, so you can see a doctor right away.”

There. If you were a six-year-old and I was a teacher, I just complied with SB99. But I could also have complied by saying absolutely nothing. The bill didn’t say I had to teach sex ed, but if I did, then I had to include information on STD’s.

Much of the other quotes taken out of context by liars fall under the heading:

“All sex education courses that discuss sexual activity or behavior shall satisfy the following criteria”

So there’s a whole bunch of requirements that fall into play for those sex education courses that discuss sexual activity or behavior. Those requirements would apply to the kind of stuff that you won’t be teaching to six-year-olds. Liars quote extensively from these requirements.

Not all of the liars provide a link to the bill. Those that do count on their readers being to lazy to read the bill, or to stupid to understand it. With all the editing and the unclear numbering format, it is a little confusing. So read it carefully.

Illinois General Assembly – Full Text of SB0099

The fact that so many people can pass on this ugly lie is disturbing. Perhaps McCain can turn around his failing campaign by accusing liberals of drinking the blood of conservative children. Conservatives will be rioting with pitchforks and torches (which are protected by the second amendment). The truth is, just like liberals don’t want to drink you children’s blood, we don’t want to teach them how to fuck.

The next time you hear John McCain talk about Obama’s support for sex education in kindergarten, ask yourself,

“Do I really believe that Barack Obama really wants to teach little kids how to have sex?

If the answer to that question is “yes”, then you’re an idiot. If the answer is “no”, than you should not support people who pass along this kind of nonsense. They are liars. Don’t support their blogs. Don’t vote for them.

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