Bunny Slope

I want to be funny but I’m not quite there yet. If I was learning to ski, I’d practice on the bunny slopes. Thankfully, the Republican Party has been supplying budding young comedians with bunny slopes for eight years; the most recent one being Sarah Palin. “Gosh, did he call her a bunny? He should show more deference!” I’m sure the people who read Anne Coulter and Michele Malkin will criticize me for my harsh words.

Recently Sarah Palin made a trip to visit world leaders. But she did so without leaving the country. That was her version of taking the bunny slopes. Of course, if she had her way, a trip from Alaska to New York would count as an international visit. Reporters were banned from following her. I’d be the same way about being videotaped on the bunny slopes. She visited a couple of foreign leaders, like Henry Kissinger. But she didn’t visit anyone from Russia, which I find surprising because I heard she was pretty close to the Russians.

We’ve been making foreign leaders laugh for eight years now. But nothing we’ve done so far would be as hilarious as putting Sarah Palin next in command to a seventy-two year old guy who says he’s being open about his health by flashing his medical records for ten minutes. She lies about her past; She talks about fiscal responsibility while turning surpluses into a deficits; She’s ready to bomb her way out of any diplomatic crises; She surrounds herself with cronies; She hates the press and runs a government under secrecy and lies. All this reminds me of a funny riddle: What’s the the only difference between Sarah Palin and George Bush?

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