My First Taste of Goat

We’re raising goats, chickens, and ducks and will be adding to our farm as we go on. My wife wants to get some pigs but despite my loss of faith, I still can’t bring myself to eat swine. That doesn’t mean we’re not getting pigs. She’ll be eating swine without me but since she wants them, they’ll appear, and I’ll feed them.

We’re raising our own animals for several reasons but the one I’m most concerned with the ethical treatment of animals. My definition of “ethical” is different from Peta’s, but I still feel very strongly about it.

Earlier this week we ate our first goat. We were worried that we wouldn’t like it. Au contraire, it was great. Later, we roasted some up for friends, at a party (their daughter’s bat mitzva), and it was a hit. This wasn’t just a couple of friends chocking it down to avoid hurting our feelings; This was large group of people, some of whom my wife and I never met, all talking about how good it was.

So now I’m baffled. When I tell people at work that I’m starting to raise goats for meat, they look at me as if I accidentally said “cats”.

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